Collection of Abayas in Pakistan: At TGM, we believe that Abayas are not just about modesty—they are a fashion statement. Our variety of abayas are made with the finest fabrics and materials, designed to last and shine at events and occasions where a classy style is essential. With seven outlets in Karachi, TGM Abaya is one of the top abaya dress shops in the city. Our collection is available online for women from all cultures.

    Wearing the same style of abayas can get monotonous, which is why TGM Abaya offers various designs to elevate your formal and occasional wear. We aim to highlight and focus on style with our trendy looks, making TGM Abaya your one-stop shop for Abayas online in Pakistan. Explore our 2024 Abaya Collection online for the best abaya prices in Pakistan. Whether you're wondering what is an abaya, looking for trends in fancy abayas, modern abayas, elegant abayas online, Muslim abayas, or abaya gowns, we have it all in one place!

    Online Abaya Shopping in Pakistan: TGM Abaya’s collections aim to add creativity to your look with a perfect mix of colors, adding a touch of oomph to your daily outfit. Our online store ensures that your perfect print is always available. Abaya online shopping is made easy with our variety of abaya fashion trends.

    Our Coat Style Abaya is a front-open formal-leisure wear piece, perfect for a modern look. Designed for occasions and everyday wear, it features embroidery and delicate prints on the front and sleeves. Made with Nida fabric and stitched to perfection, it ensures the comfiest yet trendiest daily wear. Our maestros carve excellence with thread and needle, making our Embroidered Abayas a symbol of sophistication.

    Our luxurious Maxi Abayas elevate both everyday and formal wear with a durable drape and loose fit, adding an extra touch of elegance. TGM Abaya ensures these designs complement the lush drape with beautiful hues, including neutral and solid colors. Our Jilbabs and Khimar collection radiate sophistication with an eternal silhouette drape. Made with middle-weight Nida fabric, they bring a feminine and elegant flow to your abaya. Pair your jilbabs and khimar with neutral or solid-colored hijabs, and you're all set!

    Embroidered abayas, front open abayas, and coat style abayas are excellent options for semi-formal and occasional events, providing a classy appearance.

    Collection of Maxi Abaya Designs in Pakistan: Discover the trendiest abayas at TGM Abaya, including our maxi style and front open abayas. Made from middle-weight Nida fabric, these designs offer a graceful and feminine flow. The 2024 abaya styles are all about being trendy and comfortable. Our Butterfly Abaya offers a flawless fall, perfect for all events, while the Arabic Abaya style remains a timeless favorite. Explore the latest abaya styles that are always in vogue in Pakistan. Among the most stylish in modest wear are the Khimar Abaya and Black Jilbab Abaya.

    Shop the latest and most stylish abayas at TGM, available online at tgmstore.pk, or visit any of our seven outlets in Karachi for an in-person experience.